AI Literacy and Responsible AI with special guest Kylie Walker, CEO, ATSE

Season #1

In this episode, we are joined by Kylie Walker, CEO, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. Kylie emphasizes the need for leaders to build their digital literacy in AI and to approach AI implementation with a duty of care and inclusivity. Kylie works with Australia’s leaders in applied science, technology and engineering to advise decision-makers, lead crucial national conversations to solve complex challenges, and support Australia’s technology-powered, human-driven future. 

Kylie shares the role of ATSE and its mission to advise decision makers on applying science and technology to tackle complex problems. We also discuss some of the Responsible AI essay collection released by ATSE and the Australian Institute for Machine Learning. The conversation covers topics such as the readiness of business leaders to accept agency for AI in their organisations, the pace of AI change and the critical need for digital literacy, the impact of AI on jobs and the importance of upskilling, and the role of AI as a tool for innovation and efficiency. The conversation emphasises utilising the skills and knowledge of employees and facilitating a respectful transition for people and roles. It also highlights the strengths of resilient and resourceful individuals and the importance of character and mindset. The conversation concludes by discussing the WOW (wins, opportunities and watch outs) of Humans and AI in the workplace including the need for critical thinking by leaders. 



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Introduction: William Gone