Preventing Human Bottlenecks

Season #1

In this episode, Dr. Debra Panipucci and Leisa Hart from AI Adaptive discuss how leaders can address the human bottlenecks (a term coined by Dr David Rock) that hinder the implementation of AI in businesses. Debra and Leisa highlight the importance of investing in the people side of AI and they identify three main human bottlenecks: capacity challenges, resistance challenges, and culture challenges. They provide examples and strategies for overcoming these bottlenecks, such as spreading knowledge across the organisation, building a thoughtful change strategy and plan, and fostering an optimisation mindset. The episode emphasises the need for leaders to proactively address these bottlenecks to ensure the successful integration of AI in the workplace.



Podcast Produced by: AI Adaptive

Music by: DJ Marco @Kingjordss

Introduction: William Gone

Human Bottlenecks concept: David Rock at the Neuroleadership Summit 2024